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List Of The Top 5 Common Foot Problems

List Of The Top 5 Common Foot Problems

It is estimated that by the age of 70 the average person has walked approximately 26,000 miles! Our feet take quite a beating which causes many changes in our foot structure and gait over time. Some of the most common foot problems which may lead you to seek treatment from your podiatrist are explained in the following:


Bunions are commonly thought of as a bony growth behind the big toe at the joint. This is not always the case. The alignment of the long bone behind the toe can shift causing the foot to become wider. Often the bump felt is the head of the misaligned bone. The big toe tends to rest against, on top, or below the second toe.


Tendon imbalances and foot mechanics lead to a contracture of the small toe joints. The contracture may be flexible or rigid depending on the duration of the deformity.

Heel Pain

Most common cause is plantar fasciitis. The long ligament originating in our heel sends slips to the toes and can become inflamed with a flexible arch and flat foot.


Thickening of the outer layer of skin cells over bony prominences. The skin builds up causing pain, discomfort, and even sores.

Nail Changes

Thick toenails with underlying debris may be caused by a fungal infection. This infection may be caused from, or cause athletes foot. Ingrown nails often cause swelling and significant pain from a small nail spicule growing into the skin.

Many of the foot problems we encounter can be avoided. With a few precautions and planning, we can ensure our feet will be protected and hopefully pain free. If you’re experiencing one of these problems, we can help treat it! Call today to schedule your appointment with your local podiatrist in Utah, and speak with a professional. We have offices in many different locations to serve you and your family. Contact us today! 

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