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Advanced Technology


Advanced Foot and Ankle Technology

Advanced Foot and Ankle Technology

At Advanced Foot & Ankle Center, our doctors utilize the most advanced technologies, in foot and ankle care to provide the most effective and comfortable treatments possible.

Recovering from a foot or ankle injury can often involve months of rehabilitation, but we can use these tools, technologies, and techniques to make a fast, accurate diagnosis and plan a more effective treatment for you.

These new technologies are less invasive and more accurate than ever before, which means you can be back on your feet in a shorter time and experience less pain.

Some of the technology we use in our office includes: QuantaFlo PAD testing, digital x-rays and ultrasounds, and laser treatments of fungal nail. 

Advanced Diagnostics

We are continually adding new, advanced systems to our range of services to ensure that our podiatrists can always offer superior services and treatments.

The QuantaFlo PAD test, for example, is a non-invasive, fast procedure that allows us to get an accurate reading on the blood flow to the patient’s arms and legs. The test can be completed while you are in the office and simply involves placing the QuantaFlo sensor on a toe on your right foot and then left, and then repeating the process on your right and left fingers.

There’s no pain or discomfort during this test, and it’s a little like having your blood pressure measured.

The difference is that once the test is completed, the QuantaFlo software will analyze the blood circulation in your body and compare the differences in blood flow between your arms and legs.

This helps us determine whether or not the patient is at risk for Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD), which is crucial because people with PAD often don’t experience or recognize the symptoms on their own. And if they do, it may mean that the disease has reached severe levels.

With these tools, we can provide an accurate diagnosis and then recommend the next steps for prevention or recovery.

Experienced Doctors with High-Tech Know-How

Keeping up with all the technological developments in the foot and ankle field requires ongoing education, practice, and commitment.

At Advanced Foot & Ankle Center, our podiatrists have many years of experience adapting new technologies to the practice, and they have the knowledge in the field that is required to ensure you’re getting the very best care available.

You can rest assured you’re in good hands and that your foot or ankle issue will be treated the most effective and efficient way possible.

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