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Orthotics and Cleats

Orthotics and Cleats

You’re an athlete participating in a sport where you’re on your feet a lot and you must wear tight, uncomfortable cleats.

Your feet, ankles, knees, and legs are all vital in your performance of your sport. Without them in proper, healthy, working order, you may be sidelined from any action for a few weeks to a few months.

Whether you’ve developed foot, ankle or knee problems because of playing your sport or if you already had issues before participating in sports, the tight, flat, inflexible and non-supportive cleats you must wear for practice and for games don’t help in making your feet feel better.

Orthotics for Sports

There are many athletes who either had prior foot problems or who have developed foot issues since playing their sport.

With the high risk of serious injuries from sports, there have been equipment and apparel innovations and improvements to help lower the risk of injuries and prolong the years of enjoyable playing for athletes.

One such innovation is sports orthotics.

Sports orthotics are significantly thinner and have less of a profile so they can fit into the small, tight confines of cleats.

However, not all cleats are made to accommodate orthotics. Cleats with removable insoles are the optimal types for sports orthotics.

Sports orthotics can be worn in cleats for soccer, football, golf, baseball, softball, and track and field. Sports orthotics can also be custom-made to accommodate skates for hockey and ice skating as well as ski boots for skiing and snowboarding.

If you’re not sure whether a set of cleats can accommodate orthotics, ask one of our specialists at Advanced Foot and Ankle Center. If you’re just starting the process of looking at cleats, our specialists may be able to recommend certain brands and/or styles.

Besides the ability to fit orthotics, the cleats should comfortably fit your foot shape. Some brands, for instance, will have styles that are wider than their traditional styles and models.

The Benefits of Sports Orthotics

The immediate benefit of wearing orthotics includes relief and a reduction or elimination of fatigue, pain, and discomfort of the feet. Orthotics help absorb the shock of sudden cutting, jumping, and push-offs. Sports orthotics also provide necessary arch support and correct foot, ankle and knee alignment that helps prevent the occurrence of common sports overuse injuries including plantar fasciitis, turf toe, shin splints, Achilles tendonitis, Patellofemoral pain syndrome, overpronating feet and back problems.

Athletes will perform better with the added comfort of orthotics which will also make the game more enjoyable.

Here are some examples of how orthotics in cleats can help athletes:

For golfers, orthotics can reduce fatigue, improve performance and help golfers improve their swing, balance and the accuracy of their shots.

Orthotics in soccer cleats reduce the risk of injuries from leg discrepancy, Achilles tendinitis, chronic knee and back pain, and plantar fasciitis. Orthotics can improve blood flow through the feet and throughout the leg, reducing uncomfortable swelling and inflammation. Sports orthotics reduce the risks of foot, ankle, and knee injuries common among soccer players due to overuse. With orthotics, soccer players can prolong their years of playing, have improved endurance, performance, balance and have improved accuracy.

While cleats originally weren’t made to accommodate orthotics, the increased awareness of the connection between proper foot support and alignment and one’s performance and risk of getting serious, season-ending sports injuries have helped fueled the manufacturing of sports orthotics.

By wearing the appropriate sports orthotic inside their cleats, an athlete can perform better, better enjoy the game, experience less pain and discomfort and lower his or her risk of sports injuries, allowing him or her to play their favorite sport for many more years.

At Advanced Foot and Ankle Center, we know how important your feet are to your sport. Taking care of your feet will not only allow you to better enjoy your sport, but it will help prevent painful, chronic health issues in your legs and back.

We take the care of our patient’s feet seriously and will recommend the best possible sports orthotic and cleat to accommodate their unique foot care needs. We also offer custom-built orthotics that can fit into your new cleats.

Whether you’re looking to replace your current cleats or are looking to buy your first pair and experience foot, knee and back discomfort, you may need to put orthotics in your cleats. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our selection of available sports orthotics.

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