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Shoe Size Does Matter, So Choose the Perfect Fit

Proper Fit

Foot pain, deformities, and other complications can be avoided by carefully choosing the proper style, size, and shoe material. In addition to shoe gear, daily foot inspection and simple precautions can help keep our feet pain-free and in good health.

Shoes are too big when they bend past where your toes bend. Shoes are too small if they bend before where your toes bend. These issues can lead to foot complications under the “ball” of the foot such as neuromas (enlarged, inflamed nerve), calluses, and blisters. Pointed shoes, or shoes with a shallow toe box, can crowd the toes leading to ingrown toenail issues, and exacerbating foot deformities such as bunions, or hammertoes.

So How Do You Find the Right Size Shoe?

The foot expands during the day from the weight of your body. So, shopping in the evening is your best time to find a proper fit. The sole of the shoe should be firm from the “ball” of the foot to the heel. This will prevent heel slippage that can lead to blisters and calluses. You should be able to have a thumbs width at the top of the toe box. This will allow the toes room to move and help prevent corns, calluses, sores, and hammertoe issues.

If you are unsure, you are in the right type of shoe, or are experiencing discomfort, the podiatrists at Advanced Foot & Ankle Center are here to help. Our doctors can properly measure your foot, treat the painful issues, and recommend the best shoe to keep your feet…

Healthy and Active!



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