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Diabetic Foot Care


Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetic Foot Care

Patients with diabetes have extra risks of infections and injuries of their feet than other patients. Extra foot care and attention are then required for these patients. Our certified podiatrists have extensive experience and knowledge in diabetic foot care. We highly recommend that our diabetic patients contact us at the first sign of a foot injury.

Diabetes often causes feet to swell, which results in constricted blood flow to the feet. A diabetic’s feet can become numb and tingly. Sometimes the numbness will be so great that a patient will not feel any pain from a cut, injury or infection on his or her feet, which can lead to postponed treatment. Diabetic patients are heavily encouraged to visually examine their feet daily. Major swelling, lesions, bruising, abnormal coloring or growths. These can be signs of more serious feet problems and can become serious if not treated early.

Besides regular self-exams and office visits, there are other ways our diabetic patients can take care of their feet to keep them healthy:

 Manage your blood glucose level


 Invest in diabetic specific footwear

 Keep your feet clean with daily washing and drying

 Always wear shoes and socks to protect your feet

 Keep toenails trimmed short

 Be aware to avoid extreme temperatures such as hot pavement, electric blankets or wearing sandals in cold weather.

 Keep the blood flowing in your feet. Elevate your feet when sitting and constantly wiggle your toes.

If you experience diabetic feet issues, call or visit us at Advanced Foot & Ankle Center. Check out our locations page for the office nearest you. Our team of podiatrists offer a variety of feet and ankle services at affordable prices. Let us begin taking care of your diabetic feet today.

Watch this Video from Dr. David Seegmiller to Learn more about Diabetic Foot Care

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